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  • No IWhy don’t we manage to change our lives as we want? The science of IFA answers.
  • If there is a topic that duty Occupy a place emerging priority in our attention, no doubt that is it which we have analyzed. This item may be somewhat long and boring, if you only going to read by «entertainment or curiosity, then, we suggest that in this same point leave this reading, but if you intend to learn and go looking for answers strong for what has been unknowns for long periods of his life and would like to investigate what prevents a change in your mind and behavior and those of many people, then this is the vehicle appropriate it take to the lounge emergency to avoid a» myocardial «of hope. This emergency arises in the heart of the events daily. These scenarios become increasingly dantescos, pathetic and horroríficos, with large contrasts the Baroque and really very contradictory, where we can see advanced technology and intelligent cars sophisticated with similarities to spacecraft, led by people with minds mutilidas by ignorance and addictions, showing a aggressive behavior, irresponsible and ruthless in traffic daily.
  • This mindset and behavior, reflects the opposite side of technology displayed in these vehicles. Also see luxury homes with impressive designs smart in their rooms and furniture, occupied by people fully dysfunctional, creating a hostile environment, tense, desarmonioso and unhappy only generates domestic violence, trauma, divorce, separation, children without parents, diseases and deaths painful as expressed the sign of otura wrath (otura ogunda) «Mo l’ARA Mo nii’bi, my or l’alágbòrànsùn» (which laments have family, and not take into who trust) or the truth we dictates the sign ogbe-Bara: «wisdom that we use to build our homes is not the same we use to live it».
  • Another example of incongruity find it in political leaders that instead of support his career in an agenda that allow raise educational level of collective consciousness of the people, give US master classes of arrogance, lack of diplomacy and respect, ads promotional supported in the environment under gossip and «rags dirty». What there art? Art film combines the use of drones autonomous, dual camera virtual reality, scenes incredibly matizadas edited in computers, and cameras action 4k-3d with abundant scenes that show, violence, sexual promiscuity and personality cult.
  • On the other hand we have a movement fierce in music, where only need a computer and a composer to create a music production without the need to use a group giant men with instruments, scenarios and choreography glamurosas and impressive, but Unfortunately producing a music apologiza violence, texts and gestures rude, the lack of ethics, aesthetics and values in the field of what moral, in addition to promote a love what corrupt, toxic and tasteless. Isn’t it atmosphere in need of a change emerging? Certainly that this is a habitat infectious that might corrupt moral standards of ethics and moral, but although many people preach the need for a change and sacrifices and perhaps strive … don’t succeed. Why? There are two reasons powerful: arrogance and ignorance. The first of them and discuss issues previous and invite you to refrescarlos or read them in our posts Facebook, but this time we let’s focus in ignorance. Ignorance of what? Ignorance of what we are and how studio works. Practitioners and leaders IFA, we talk about Ori as most importantly, we talk about receive it, we talk about give works, we talk about rogarlo, metaphorically know «how many» Ori there, etc. but when asked what is Ori in our lives practices and if we can transform them or not, the opinions are divided and none of them can fundamentarse scientifically. So how can we achieve change to save US but we know really where to do the change and how is made? Professor of psychiatry clinical Daniel Siegel told US in a second meeting casual we had in France, which in a seminar he gave where representatives of physics, biology, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, language, anthropologists, neurologists etc, he asked how many had attended previously to a conference on the subject of the mind, only one up hand. ‘At the end of the seminar not agreed on what was the mind! Are imagine you that professionals working with the mind don’t know really what is the mind? If this is so what do hope cure there for those who are sick of the mind if those responsible for cure it does not know actually what is it? Although mention to Ori, and a discussion deep about it is important, that will be made in another occasion. Now we will be brief and concise to win clarity on our theme and not become something boring. Ori is the word used in the old by ancestors Yoruba to talk about what today is known as consciousness. This is your essence. Sign owonrin meji assures US which is the extension of olodumare in US and irete meji talks that extension is like licenses granted to the human to use this power, when we says: «you recorded the one hand, we recorded the other hand, when the two parties are recorded, we will have the good recorded (irete meji: ire-well, Fortune, you-record print, meji- two). Ie if we use this license or free will to record in our minds councils olodumare through IFA, which is the information that he used to be within US (information with which all of our cells, organs and systems work without hardly know as they do) we can then enjoy all good available to US. The theme of awareness in modern times arises in the 17th century with John Locke, but has been discussed by many men from the time. 1955 the physicochemical the mathematical John von neuman said that in the Act of choose and observe, awareness was the subject that did. This match the meaning etymological some academic attributed to Ori: or (you or you) rí (see, observe, perceive) that is, (you is that observed or monitor). This is the action of olodumare (higher consciousness) to which refers irete meji. Which observed or monitors constantly the work of the body to keep life. In this Act of perceiving the information comes, the mind is the process to give meaning to what we see or perceive, according defined by Roger Penrose and Amit Goswami. Although the concenso of neuroscience materialistic-reductionist think that the mind is a epiphenomenon (event or activity product) of the work of neurons in the brain, many tests given by the new physics, assures US otherwise. If the mind off the work of neurons, they would have all knowledge available in the brain, then why when we are born with a brain full, we have to start learning, if the knowledge and mental processes are inherent (come with) neurons? Undoubtedly, the answer is that the brain works as a computer that is only and read symbols but not gives meanings (penrose1994, Goswami 2000, 2006). The meaning it gives the human mind, which is not physical part of our body, she is immaterial and the brain download these meanings and re-features, and the TV and radio download the channel signals and radio transmitters and represent in image and sounds in a screen. These images and sounds are not in devices are downloaded by devices. We can explain the movement of those images in TV screen by the movement of electrons in the same, but we can’t talk about the plot of the film, explaining how these electrons move. Would like to try to explain everything went on a trip that gave it to Disney through explain as moved Pistons in the engine a car. Not true that it is impossible? Then, the mind giving meaning and the brain is the meaning. When the mind repeated over and over the meaning of events occurring in our lives (experience, knowledge), the brain creates circuits that after become our habits. If this does not the case, then every time we will make an activity, we would have to learn over and over. But Unfortunately these circuits neural created, are the limiting and distorcionan our reality when are created with a meaning wrong. Whenever an event or sign of the environment is presented in our life, these circuits automatically will answers 92% of the day or so before you consciously has analyzed what happened. But worse than this is the case that make US resistance and do not allow other information other than they contain. That’s why we are confined to repeat over and over the same activities, words, assessments, and emotions we have learned. It’s like to be imprisoned in our own beliefs, beliefs and emotions in a quarter Strait 1 or 2 square meters without Windows and doors; without any access to the outside. These are the causes of suicide, boredom, anxiety and depression. No one we can take out of that state if we are not ourselves which we build these Windows and doors abroad. These circuits are built in the lower part of our brain called the brain reptile and in the limbic system or brain mammal. Watch this figure the first, the brain reptile, is the part of the survival, is fully reagent, intuitive, are the activities that we share with reptiles, who have to do with defend ourselves, attack, breathe, digest, fear, etc. This is shown in Orange. The second is the brain that we share with mammals (dogs, cats, horses, etc). This appears on Green and White. This region has to do with the emotions, which not to have a accurate knowledge of the purpose of olodumare (iroso-iwori) for the man on Earth based on its principles, laws and archetypes described metaphorically in the IFA, to give you a meaning wrong, are presented in circuits dominant negative emotions. These emotions are addictive and contagious. The Express, the reprimimos and never meditate on them. Why? Because there we use the part of the brain that separates US or distinguishes humans of the lower animals. This is the neo-bark. This part of the brain is the US is used to analyze, sort, planning and choose the information that will allow US to regular and control emotions. But this can only be achieved with study, research and dedication to information high-energy. If our time is dedicated to the activities routine work, fun and entertainment, often toxic, not use or even 15 minutes to feed with knowledge moral, ethical and scientific, how can we establish new circuits neural that will allow US to get out of prison offered ignorance? IFA we exorta to «get up in the morning teaching US each other words build the fundamentals of wisdom (oturupon owonrin). Our brain sets mechanisms to protect these circuits created where staying our habits, beliefs and values. That would be our personality, our ego, our I. These mechanisms are recognized as critical factor in the area of neuro-linguistic and psychology. Physics and mathematics known as the critical point. This acts as the Guardian of the door that allows US to the entrance to the higher consciousness. In other words is the goalkeeper that gives US access or not, our dimension higher, some specialists call it the unconsciousness. The most important thing is that, is there only where we can find the permanent change. Goswami called the supramente where all possibilities there in forms of waves and to get there, we need to go through the critical point, which rejects any suggestion other than those that are scheduled in those circuits. No matter which are good suggestions. This mechanism is there to defend this program. That’s action irunmole şenşentişòrò (that circulating by an area or closed Circuit, the circulating to close the area or Circuit) recognized in the IFA in the sign oşé-ìrętę, such as that prevented Ori choose the go before you get to the Earth. To have a right idea of this feature, imagine that the fourth which we speak previously was made of glass armored. This type of glass, but you shoot with firearm no will break, but if you know where is an all critical one-touch and firm, given a pen, be able to destroy it. This same happens with you and circuits your experience and knowledge have created. Every effort and time you use to try to turn it off using drugs, or removing emotions caused by them or saying: «I can’t think so» or «I can’t do this» or «I must not behave in this way» will be drained. All times dedicated to work for money, is fade in the empty or become your disease. There will be no activity that do not find strong resistance armored. There is one way to go through the critical point: creating new circuits in the program in the brain, through the repetition of a new behavior, dictated by a new meaning, in a new context. To explain this note the following figure if you seen in detail this box left to right, you may see a duck, but if you notice of right to left, you can see a rabbit. You don’t you added or removed anything box to change figure that observed. You just changed the context of what he saw. You stopped see protuberances elongated to the left, in the context of a peak, and put in the context of ears to see the rabbit. But analyze you can’t see the two figures at a time. This is because that while you seen the duck, the rabbit remains a wave of possibility (Neil Bohr, Werner heisengber 1929). Waves are not, that’s why you see a figure or other but not both at once. To see figure you are «collapsing» wave that there is in a reality. Albert Einstein said that there was nothing observed but there was an Observer. All that you say it’s a reality the perceived through their senses are re-presentations on your brain of knowledge and experience trapped in circuits neural to which they are referred to as neuroplasticidad. Crossing through these circuits for access to the supramente you can only do when your mind is in a state of emission frequency Alpha (13-7 cycles per second) or Zeta (7-4 cycles per second). These are the United relaxation where your mind learn and make (changes of context). Alpha is the famous state of creative artists, composers, writers, painters. In this state there is no time, so there is no limitations. You can access this state through music Baroque or just listen music for orisa obatalá / Sango. The state Zeta can be achieved through meditation sitting in front of a bóbeda spiritual. This is a bit more difficult to achieve because without a training at first the trend is stay asleep. In this state call it the Super-learning. Both States can be achieved in front of the bobeda following the instructions below: front of the bobeda fix your view a place and note light and darkness of that place … to the extent that you do this, their eyelids you will be more and more heavy but you will try to keep them open as long as possible. You will notice that the more you try to keep your eyes open, harder you will be and a feeling more of satisfaction what invade. / The more you try, harder you will be leave their eyelids open, but continue treating this manera./ deposited in that place of bobeda the ideal «I ‘you want to achieve, all the skills and abilities / her eyelids remain heavier and heavy and you will struggling keep abiertos./ soon, really soon you will have their eyes cerrados./ really has been very trabajoso./ you now find in a state sleepy, in a dream apacible./ now you leave the eyes closed, completely relaxed … just let it go … let go all your thoughts, concerns and anxieties of the day. / No reason to listen another voice or other sonidos./ only your inner voice of calm and relajamiento./ concéntrece only in that voz./ allow all sounds so keep relaxed increasingly profundo./ from this state feel your cuerpo./ let every part of your body feel loose relajadas./ in fact you feel so relaxed, so truly relaxed that seconds seem o’clock, hours seem days and day become weeks. Allow yourself right now relaxation, letting all your thoughts aware, and concerns of the day is dissipate is drenen./ allow yourself the feeling of peace and tranquility and space to enter your mente./ now imagine a place around his holiday personal … a holiday that enables you to create a new life, a new world … with a attitude saludable./ now when you most desired. Is from here from this vacation spot that you have built, where his new attitude will begin to grow and prosper, becoming reality as soon you wake up. Every time you practice this self-hypnosis you will receive great benefits. Every time I practice will be more deeply relaxed. When you have told up to five, you wake up in perfect health, very natural and normal in every way. We should clarify this state of self -hipnosis is not more than the unique state where you can reach a transformation gradual in your life. This is the state in which was orúnmila according tells US history registered in the sign ogbe alara (otura). It is said that orúnmila slept in the fourth 16 17 I had the Castle with your robe and turban full of blood due to chopped lice, but he didn’t felt. When ogbe alara came to him, yielding iforibale through animal sacrifices, he never woke up but he stated that what had ogbe alara, was not enough. The be sleeping and communicating with someone at the same time, you can only get in a state of hypnosis. Ogbe alara knelt to orunmila and pleaded ignorant and said that «only leaders are the teaching wisdom to his followers.» Kneel was an Act of humility on the part of ogbe alara which is the other requisite to achieve transformations. From that time orúnmila you instructed what had to do to wake it up. Indisputably if orúnmila was sleeping, could not be talking. This will only be achieved in the state of deep relaxation of hypnosis, which is not the same as sleep. If we have in mind that orúnmila represents wisdom, then wake orúnmila would be awakening wisdom we transforms, and this as indicated by the story, there is achieved with ceremonies of animal sacrifices or other rituals, as they do not have the power to transform circuits neural containing our thoughts and ego conditioning. This will only be achieved learning instructions IFA in a state of internal peace, repitiéndola on a daily practice, to form new circuits that enable US to represent those principles, laws and archetypes recorded in the universe. This what corroborates Dr. David Hawkins who in his scientific research awareness, noted that there were 17 energy levels in the dimension of all, and that the level 16, is the level of peace. Once again the metaphor of IFA and science, conspire openly to bring US the bright of wisdom that will allow US to have all I will go to wish. Let IFA we bless all! Source: Dr. Luciano Pulido



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